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if it ain't free, or $13,00, 00 it ain't punk


released January 29, 2015



all rights reserved


TODD KILLINGZ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Mclean-Guit/Synths/Concert Bells/Bass Machine/Phone.
Tim Burke-Bass/Amps,
Allison Crutchfield- Drums/Vocals.
Christian Deroek-Bass/Vocals, Chase Merritt-Drums/Samples.
was most recently Evan Wolff-Bass/Vox John Hoffman-Drums/Vox
will be whatever.
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Track Name: idiots instrument
can't just smoke a cigarette. you need a lighter, you need a place to sit and you need an ashtray. you need to brush away the scent.
wah wah wah.
you can't just have a friend. they must be crazy, and you must understand, wah wah wah.
nothing is easy, except for playing the guitar it's an idiots instrument, you think that you're so smart. piss on a piano, and you pass that off as art.
wah wah wah no.
Track Name: Odd & High
between odd street and high street, there's miles of telephone wires. talking is one thing, we could end up walking. walking for a while. i can't make you come here, but i'd make you come here. we can say "fuck beer" and just fuck. i'd be so high there. it's all just so odd here. i want you here to share my smokes, and poppers. odd street and high street. odd and high. odd street and high street. odd street and high street blues.
Track Name: Sunday Afternoon
yesterday i woke up choking, tasted you and too much smoking, just enough whiskey another one opened, but, mostly you. got on the ball, got off at hoboken, i was there the day sinatra died, grandma used to love him when she was nine, which makes no difference in my life, but as a story it's kind of nice, which brings me back to the eyes i like, that story, it belongs to you. and i can't believe those eyes, can't believe fat boy is in style, can't believe that angry face you make right before you smile. if i wake up on monday morning, in your hallway or on your floor, i'll be glad i wrote this song to sing on my way to work. instead of some damned beach boys song, that's got nothing to do with you at all, like 'help me rhonda' or 'surfer girl' gonna sing about your sunflower eyes. can't believe i'm not traumatized, better days ruined my life, and if it turns out to be an awe-ful disguise, well i guess i won't mind. had a dream i was clean shaven and i could sing like ritchie havens, ain't no sunshine when she's gone on a sunday afternoon, oh ooh.
Track Name: I Can't Shut Up
there's something weird on the night stand, there's something weird on the wall. there's nothing weird between us and i ain't here to stall. my mom gave me the belt you are taking off. my girl took off, i'm sorry i brought it up. i can't shut up. my right hand man is peter, i got no love for paul. i left my home for mary. mama cass is still my girl. mama's got a lot that's on her mind. papa's been buried since 1989, and that's a long time. i can't shut up.
Track Name: Theme for a New Brunswick Shithole
don't waste your money on me, this is my town, don't spend your time with her , she's a dungeon, she's a prison, she's a dragon, she's a racecar please stop laughing.take me seriously i'll forgive you, keep your ears ringing and forget you. if moderation is the key, stay outside.
Track Name: Town This Size
in a smokey bar in the back seat of your car in your own private house someone's sure to find you out. what you do and what you think. what you eat and what you drink. if you smoke a cigarette, they'll be talking about your breath. well i had a fight with my girlfriend last night. before the moon went down it was all over town, he made me cry when he said goodbye, if its true or not, don't seem to count a lot.
Track Name: Countdown
my baby is a 10 we dressing to the 9s he pick me up at 8 make me feel so lucky 7 get me in his six making love in 5 still the 1 i do this 4 tryna make it 3 from us 2 still the 1
Track Name: someone wake john
under the city down by the water same as any other town down by the water any brand of whiskey mixed with hot water is better by your sick bed than any nyquil bottle you are still alive an i'm still awaiting early to bed has always been good advice sunday we are all rising no ones rise and shining we all want t to be batman and be an only cday we are all riing no ones rise and shining someone wake john he's fucked again oh god
Track Name: sleepy phone company
welcome to verizon
Track Name: Married to Your Phone
buy a ring and seal tha deal, never leave yr home, and never be behind the wheel. it's not a question of the miles. answers how we feel. just wanna get inside your mind, and make it something i can feel. if you should meet a human being, you should talk to them for real. they'll touch you on the arm. yea, and they'll try and cop a feel. so don't get married to your phone.
Track Name: Bad Flower
oh the of industry in the north, gonna catch a disease or at least a bad cough. back off! twisted missions with every stone you find, jet away on down a party line. planting time! hope you're having fun. always on the run. take the fucking gun from that bad flower, hope he doesn't blow it all away. oh, i was too good to you, now you found yourself a bad flower and you want it to be cool. always tracking dirt in. you're the fucking worst. drive to taco bell. put up with the smell. take the fucking gun from. hope you don't go blow it all away
Track Name: Crisis
blah crisis blah